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Welcome to the Beginners Cirlce

Below are  seven (7) instructional video's and one (1) bonus video to help you get on the right track with your iNfinity.

Included in your membership you are welcome to take (1) beginners class within your 6-months membership. The live class will help you to go even deeper, but also provide us time to review questions you might have about the use of the device.

Once you have completed this course you will be ready to advance to the Inner Circle.  You will need to show proficiency before moving ahead. 

Mindful Monday

Every Monday I hold a FREE webinar to dive deeper into your understanding of the device.

Mindful Monday

Beginners Video #1

Beginner Video #2

Beginners Video #3

Beginners Video #4

Beginner Video #5

Beginners Video #6

Beginners Video #7

We currently do not have the ability to share files, but we have support working on it.

Bonus Video

Mindful Monday, Sacred Geometry

Take a metaphysical journey into the world of sacred geometry. 

When working with clients it's important to understand how they create their current reality, in order to help shift their perspective and awareness to have more of what they do want, instead of what they don't want.

Here's your handout for this class. Please be sure to print out to have with you when working with clients.


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