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Quantum Biofeedback

May 11, 2017

I think by now, most of us know that we are all made up of energy.  Energy that is vibrating in all of life and in all things, no matter how fast or slow. We exist because of this energy. However, this energy can become greatly affected by the things we drink and the foods we eat. Our energetic system is also affected by the energies around us, such as EMF's, cell phones and other electrical devices.

Negative energies can have an overall impact on our health and well being. Years ago physicians looked for the seen in healing health, but now they realize that the unseen has just as much an effect and impact on wellness and health as the seen, sometimes more so.

Quantum Biofeedback provides stable data of the influences overwhelming our systems. These influences can be read as energetic disturbances and data provides us the degree in which it has impacted a particular area in the body, even the mind.

The Quantum iLife iNfinity provides data, as well as, energetic balancing and restoration for over 20 years. It is based upon quantum logic and physics and was developed to provide a mobile platform to evaluate and ameliorate energetic system imbalances and dysfunction. The evaluation mechanisms for this energetic intervention and restoration system involves the utilization of inputted data which includes your voice and facial recognition to produce usable data ready to be processed and developed into a comprehensive energy intervention and facilitation plan designed to re-mediate and ameliorate any symptoms or conditions that you may be having. A comprehensive energy profile is developed and translated into a meaningful energetic facilitation plan.  Scans can be emailed to the client for further review and evidence of improvement over time with each session.  Each energy imbalance is identified and quantified during the evaluation and a series of energetic frequencies are identified and are made available for introduction into the energy field of the individual receiving the evaluation and energetic frequency waves needed for energetic balancing and improvement.

In just one session a client can feel the ease and relaxation, the amount of time this is sustained depends largely on the number of sessions, the amount of alignment that occurred during a session, and the clients responsibility in making better choices based on the data that is provided during the sessions.

It's time to feel better. It's time to feel more energetic. And it's time to feel alive!

Spinal Energy Flow

May 12, 2017

If you've seen a chiropractor you know the benefits and feel the benefits of regular spinal adjustments, but did you know that biofeedback can ad in a better adjustment.

With a click of a button we are able to see the data that is impeding spinal energy flow, then provide a soothing massage in energy to the source of imbalance.  The Quantum Biofeedback is designed to help reduce the over-all stress in the body. The program is designed to allow us to specifically provide the necessary energy to the spinal column and reduce stress and tension, allowing things to return to a normal state of ease and relaxation.

Of course, each client experiences stress differently, the biofeedback allows for this difference and provides the client with exactly what they need to encourage balance and reduce stress.  The quantum biofeedback regulates itself in what is accepted to allow for the greatest outcome and experience.

I am supported

May 18, 2017

We are constantly supported, but not in a way where we can sit back and just expect to be taken care of without an effort on our part. But what is the effort that produces what we want, connection. 

It is up to us to be connected with the Divine light to better able hear what is needed of us in action. The action could be reading a story to a child, feeding our family, opening a new business, helping someone that owns a business, being a friend to another, or simply allowing whatever wants to be created from within us to be enjoyed by the world outside of us.

The Universe supports every single belief, every single one. If I am down on myself then the universe will show me that I am down on myself. If I believe that I am alone the universe will support this and I will be alone

Believing is a movement within us. It's a feeling and words married together in this beautiful song that creates this beautiful painting called life.

Your canvas is always blank when you wake up each morning. Start your day seeing the good you wish or desire to experience or feel in your life. By doing so you'll begin to take on that feeling and it will lift you throughout the day. When you find yourself not being lifted simply ask yourself, "What was I just thinking about this moment?" You'll always discover that you had a feeling or thought prior to the situation. Eventually, you'll get so good at catching the feelings and thoughts that you'll be a pro at reframing your words to match how you want to feel.

Take one step at a time!

The Importance of Sleep

May 22, 2017

Join me by listening to this radio show and learn more about the importance of sleep.

Asking the Right Question

May 25, 2017

How many times have you asked yourself, "How am I going to pay my bills?" I'm sure, like millions of us, you've asked this every day. If you haven't ask this one maybe you have asked yourself, "How can I get out of this job?".

It is the phrasing and framing of the question that the subconscious mind goes into immediate action. Now don't get me wrong, she's in action all the time, there is no rest for this Queen of Life. She's like most of us women that never sleep.

If I am framing my questions as how am I going to do something, then the subconscious mind must show me all the ways by allowing me to have more bills to pay.  I remember saying to my staff, "Where are all of these clients coming from?" We lived in a small town of 8,000 people, but nonetheless our business prospered, why? Because we were asking the right questions each and everyday.

Our questions would be, "I wonder who we are going to benefit the most today?", "How are all of these clients finding us?", "When are we going to get a break?" All of these questions continued to provide abundance.

With this being said, I want you to think about something, how many times have you said, "I'm always broke"? The Queen of Life doesn't see that you are just broke financially, but broke in all areas of your life. That's why people who say this their cars break down, the appliances stop working, and even relationships start to break.

Hubbard said one day, "If a man is having a hard time finding a job then he needed to think about not wanting to work and he'd have plenty of work." The man that seeks is always seeking what he is seeking, so we must learn to seek the right way.

I am a hololinguist artist, I hear and see words and how they impact lives and I'm able to paint a different picture.  By helping clients change the way they frame their words miracles became regular occurrences. 

What are you putting into the Universe? What are you asking yourself? What are you seeking?

Love is in the air

June 13, 2017

There is no place that I go that love is not.

Speaking of energy, which we do here at Balanced Newtrition, we are giving ourselves a daily diet of energy. This energy, depending on how we take care of and/or intend, this energy will result in demonstrations or conditions that we see in our every day lives.

There may be too many of us putting value on the physical body and making changes to it's form, while the real energy is coming from within that designs our ease and flow in life.

If we look at another physical form and say, "I think you need to do something about this" then we have fallen victim to form, and have forgotten Spirit. Spirit is love and shows up in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Love is not something that is conditional, or can be contained. Love can't even be directed, only received. We can't force Love to do our will, this is crazy business. To do so implies that we are separate from Love, which we are not. However, we can receive love for ourselves and naturally we will be giving ourselves more love, then others will in turn give out more love energy.

No matter where you are, there is love. This doesn't mean that we always recognize it at first because of how we are watching someone be, or what they are doing, or how they are acting, or maybe in how we are feeling...but that does not mean it's not there. Love is the actual air that we breathe, Spirit!

When we recognize and realize that all is love then we are able to dissolve fears and limitations. But what is it that we are not able to recognize as love?

Why have we been taught that money is evil? Because the person or people that had that idea were not able to see the spiritual aspect of money. They saw it as having an energy of itself, rather than a spiritual energy. When we see anything as evil we fear it! When we fear something we tend to not want it near us, we avoid it. Many of us avoid talking about it out of fear that if we even speak about money that in some way something bad will happen to us.

I remember one of our spiritual leaders asking one time, "Why is it that when we start to talk about money our attendance goes down?" Remember that every question is an opportunity to look within. I cannot speak for this leader in what the answer might have been, but we could each look at this question as our own.

Why do I avoid talking about money?

Why is it that when I don't have money people avoid me?

Why is it that when I have money people avoid me?

Why is it that I avoid people with money?

Why do I avoid people without money?

All of these questions allow us to look deeper within our own soul to see what aspect of God we are either avoiding or neglecting in our lives.

Money is simply a spiritual idea, it has no power of its own to make a decision. Since money is a spiritual idea, then money is also Love, simply because all things spiritual are love. You can tell me this is not true by validating what you "believe" to be true by what you see, but we cannot see spirit. We can simply see its demonstration in form. The less someone demonstrates love doesn't mean they are not spiritual, but rather they have a different idea about themselves or others and has LIMITED their idea about money being a spiritual idea.

Love is in the air! Think about money as a neutral energy that is now moving via your intentions in how you will be paying attention to it. How you pay attention to it will allow you too see what your intention is.

If I set an intention to see my value and self-worth, I am paying "attention" to my value and self-worth and where it is showing up in my life that day. Whatever I am paying attention to grows. Whatever I am able to see is showing me that I have been able to crystallize a spiritual concept.

Let's say that again.


What are you crystallizing in your life? If you are not able to hold on to money, then you have not crystallized the spiritual concept or idea about money?

If you are not able to have health, then you have not crystallized a spiritual idea about health. This does not mean that if you are sick that you have to avoid doctors, doctors are a spiritual concept of love, of intelligence, of life and of truth. The truth that you are whole. So if you are experiencing illness, trust the spiritual concept of love and watch miracles take place.

Whenever I have had surgeries in the past I have always surrounded myself with Love and immediate felt more at ease and well taken care of. We are provided opportunities to dive deeper into the feelings of LOVE, we can either deny it, or enjoy it. The choice is always ours.

I encourage you to enjoy money, to not think negatively about it. Don't speak evil of it in anyway, because in doing so you will keep it from you. And be careful of replacing money with work, for you could have all the work you want and still no money if your spiritual idea about money is not in LOVE.

May your day be full of grace and easy and riches pour in naturally in all areas of your life.

Yours in Energy,

Dr. V

Hard vs Challenging

June 19, 2017

Not all stress is created equal. There is the stress in having a baby and then there's the stress of a deadline at work. Both create a physical stress upon the body, both providing different results. Once we go through the stress of having the baby our physical bodies now use that good stress to heal itself and to recover. Holding the baby in our arms feels joyful and now our healing time is assisted by our feel good feelings. Work stress has a totally different effect on the body.

Physical stress from work related stress creates an atmosphere where the physical body has no reward for the stress it has endured. Another way of putting this, the stress has no outlet. When the body has no outlet for the stress then that stress stays within the body and creates an imbalance or dis-ease. Many people feel that work related stress is okay as long as they make sure they spend time in the gym or workout on a regular bases.

Taking the above example of the body's stress in giving birth; which the body now triggers natural responses and work related stress, which can be like a tiger chasing you but there is no active running, there must be some form of physical action taken within the moment or the body will exhibit the stress in some other way.

Your body has no way of knowing that you are working out in a gym to reduce the stress of a tiger chasing you all day (work) not being able to move, or adding more stress to it by now working out like a tiger is chasing you but there is no tiger chasing you. I'm not saying that working out is not good for the body, but what I am proposing here is that like stress and like physical activity is more powerful and more effective in the moment, rather than waiting.

Don't get me wrong, I know that working out is a stress "reducer" paying attention to reducer. Working out does not eliminate the stress, nor repair the body from liked stress. The body does this naturally based on the stress it is receiving. Like being chased by a tiger my body is relieving its own stress when I begin to run away from the tiger, the heart is pumping, my digestion is turned off and all blood is rushing to my extremities to help me run, and run fast. When I sit at my desk feeling like tiger is chasing me the same things are happening to me, my heart rate increases, digestion slows, and blood is going to my extremities, not to my brain. Now I am taking an internal bath of adrenaline! And, I might even be sitting at my desk mindlessly eating because I'm stressed, which can harden the food I am eating and create digestive issues that I'm not aware of until I experience acid re-flux or constipation.

A workout is challenging. This simply means that I am challenging my own body to move beyond its limits, this is mindful and purposeful. So in this case I am directing my own stress. Directed stress can improve my mood, my sleep, and my performance. As the article link provides, it does improve our well-being and is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sitting at your desk all day long and receiving negative comments and having your boss yelling at you is hard! Hard because there is no way to remove yourself from such behavior unless you just get up and walk out. Many times people do just leave their jobs and walk out on the spot. Maybe this person felt that it was just too hard to do something upstream any longer. Maybe the only direction this person decided to move was out in order to "direct" the type of stress they were experiencing.

Anytime we are doing something that is hard we are saying, "I don't have the understanding or the tools to do what I am being asked to do." Now, we can move what is hard to a challenge by applying the same concept as working out. We start with what we can do and then increase the workout a little bit at a time adding a new or different challenge, building on what we already know.

Is it hard for a baby to run before walking, yes it is! The baby must first move through the natural challenges of learning to stand up, then walk, and then run. There is no way that you would challenge a baby to run without first learning to walk. Nor can we expect people to experience an atmosphere of stress and then tie them to their chairs without some form of negative effect.

Hard, we don't have the tools we need to do what we need to do.

Challenge, we have basic knowledge to now push ourselves just a little more.

Hard, bad stress. The body has a harder time recovering from this type of stress.

Challenge, good stress. The body looks forward to expanding, growing, and becoming stronger.

Where we feel it is hard we stop growing. Where we feel challenged we continue to grow.

May your day be challenging in such a way that increases your life and good.

Love, Dr. V

Manifesting Made Easy

July 25, 2017

Get into the feeling of the thing you desire!

When you hear this do you just want to scream, or are you scratching your head right now over the simplicity of this statement? But then some of you might be saying, "If I knew how to feel what I wanted I'd already be that thing." This is true.

So let's cut the crap today and let's dive into how to feel the feeling of the thing that you desire and figure out what the hell is really going on when we're not able to hold that feeling.

1. First step is critical in catching the feeling of the thing that you desire. No, it's not about sitting for hour visualizing what you want, but visualize as though you already have it.

Each and everyday we set our tone or feeling based on the thoughts that we are having any given second of the day. We wake up and suddenly our minds take off to the races, suddenly you are having visions and feelings about things that are being made up in your mind.

I was meditating earlier today and I had a vision come to my mind where a man gets up and says, "I'm going to shoot you." Because I have been doing this a while now I didn't ask who this was but simply said to myself, "This is not my thought and it's a lower vibrational thought." So I simply went back into meditation and took on a higher thought, what was it? What would it be like to be a millionaire? Having this thought allowed my mind to see all the beautiful things I would buy, the trips I would take, and how I would improve my life, then how I would improve the lives of others. We always want to do it in this order because if we don't, we'll get caught up in judgment when we begin to think about helping others and pretty soon we feel poor again. The reason being? Well, you didn't take care of you first. We are building the feeling power for you so much that your cup is overflowing suddenly your mind overflows into others lives. And this is the perfect order in order to bring more into your life. Think about a tomato plant, it must take care of itself first before it is strong enough to produce fruit to share, the same is true for us.

The fastest way to manifest anything in your life is to go back to a place in your life that you can pull up a memory and plug in the thing that you want in your life. I'm going to provide you a real live story right here, right now.

I was having lunch with my employee's one day and I told them that I was ready to take my career to the next level and that I wanted to start talking about how we create our lives. A couple of days later we are at a Chamber meeting and I see in my minds eye that I'm having lunch with my employee's but this time instead of talking to them about my desire, I am now seeing myself telling them that I will be speaking at the University. I kid you not, after our chamber meeting we had a visitor from the University come to the clinic about a women's workshop they were doing. I was on fire, I felt this was the opportunity I had been "seeing". The young lady was so kind and said they already had all their speakers but would love for us to attend. So I tell my assistant what the meeting was about and told her, "There will be opportunities for me to speak again." I kid you not, I don't think an hour went by and I received an email that one of the speakers just cancelled and she would like for me to be a lead presenter.

Now, can we do this with any and every situation in our lives? Yes! I've done it with money, health, jobs- you name it.

2. Second step is what brings you and the universe in alignment. Remember when I said I told my assistant "There will be opportunities for me to speak again." You see, the vision in my mind was so clear, so real that when I was denied that I responded as if it had already happened and said that I would speak "again". I had never spoken there as a speaker, but my mind only knew that I had. 

But here is the part b of step 2, that we see the contrast in our reality as a way to validate our vision or belief. We are all doing it now, each and every day, but in a negative way. We see something and we validate it by talking about it as it is, rather than the way we want it to be.

Step two allows us to build on the energy of our vision. Depending on how strong the feeling is will determine how quickly what you want manifest.

Someone told me one time, well this doesn't work for me when it comes to money. So I asked them, "Tell me why you think this?" Then all of a sudden a flood gate opens up in how he can't pay his bills and that he might lose his car. So I asked him what was his main thinking as he would go to sleep at night, he said what most of us do day in and day out. His response was, "I'm asking myself, how am I going to pay off my debts?"

You see, we can't get there from this point because the feeling is one of frustration, worry, fear, and full of doubt. In order to raise our vibration to what we want we must be willing to make statements that empower our vision until the feeling is so profound that it becomes us. A good statement for him to have focused on would have been some of the following:

My debts have always been paid. (the subconscious mind knows this is true, they have been.)

I'm working towards greater financial freedom. (yes....that feels better, right?)

Right now, I have a car and my bills are current. (This is very true. Many of focus on losing things so much that that is why we lose them. This mans bills were coming due, they were due right then and there.)

I always have an abundance of supply. (When we can feel this we are better stewards with our money and the money is always there.)

The third and final step, confidence.

You don't have to worry about the how or when, your only job in manifesting is deciding what you want and then feel as though you already have it. When you feel that you already have it there is a level of confidence that is undeniable.

Okay, how do you know what you want? You know that right now. Take a moment and think about your space, mine is a little warm right now. Now to be a little cooler all I have to do is decrease the temp on thermostat so that it will turn on. Simple enough, right? I am taking action towards what I want and I know that it is available to me is the key.

All things are available to us, we are not denied anything. Stop listening to what man wants you to believe and open your mind to YOUR truth. God is not limits, God is Abundance and always giving. The only limitations is within our own thinking.

Now, let's go bigger. What area in your life do you not like right now? Go ahead, write down all the things that you don't like about this one area in your life. All of them!!!! Now, what is it that you do want? Some of you will have a hard time with this at first because you've conditioned yourself to focus on (ac just turned on and I didn't even have to get up, that's how beautiful this works, just saying) the problem more rather than what you want.

I've told this story before, but I'll tell it again. I was homeless in Alabama, pregnant with my second child and a one year old sleeping in the back seat. It was a special kind of hot this night. My (now x-husband) was sleeping like a rock. I just thought, "How could he be sleeping while we're living like this?" I had not eaten in days and at this point I'm sobbing my eyes out.

As I'm crying I say to God, "God, this is not what I wanted for my life." Immediately there was a voice in my head that said, "What do you want?" In that moment I realized I never really gave any thought to what I wanted, I thought it was all happening and being done to me. This belief came from my Baptist exposure as a teen.

I quickly said in my own mind, what I want and suddenly my mind was filled with all the things that I wanted for myself, a nice home, a career, bright children, a new car, and security. I wanted to feel secure. Suddenly there was a deep peace that flooded my being and I began to laugh and smile. I was filled with Spirit. Then I asked, "Okay, how do I get home?" I said it with conviction. My mind was filled with the idea to sell everything in the car in the morning and use the money to get home. That's exactly what I did! I made it home and my life has all the things I wanted that night in that hot car.

It was only in that amount of contrast that awakened me to what I really wanted in my life. I knew my life would be of no value to anyone if I died giving child birth under a bring on a hot August Alabama night.

My life is valuable. Your life is valuable. God is living in you and the more you know this to be true the more good you are open to receiving in your life. God lives in each and everyone of us and when we play it small and keep our lives in a state of lack then we are limiting God's expression through and in us. God isn't doing it, we are the ones doing it.

So my life hasn't been a journey, there is no end to life. I am always with God and God is always with me, but it has been an expanding life. Meaning, that each second of my day I am provided choice and within this choice I can choose expansion or limitation.

Let's recap:

1. Catch the feeling of what you want by seeing it as if it has already happened.

2. Build the energy of your desire by seeing opportunities everywhere for that desire.

3. Confidence, walk, talk and act in such a way as if it's already done.

Now, if you want to win some money and you go around acting cocky about winning the money and start spending money before it arrives you are putting the cart before the horse. But use how you are feeling in that moment to align yourself in a better feeling. Cocky isn't confidence, it's actually insecurity.

Enjoy manifesting. And please be sure to reach out to me if you need additional support.

Higher Mind, Lower Mind

August 22, 2017

What is Higher Mind, Lower Mind

Within each of us is a higher and lower aspect of ourselves. When in balance our life is in balance with an increase in opportunities to experience, rather than default or regrets.

The Higher Mind is that part of us that is connected to our good and the more connected we are to this part of our mind, which increases with gratitude and thanksgiving, we find ourselves being more intuitive and responsive to opportunities and potential in our lives. We make decisions on what our yes means to us, and what our no will mean for us as well. I might say yes to something because I see an immediate benefit, but this may not mean that it will always mean yes.

My yes can become a no more easily using my higher mind because now I am able to see more clearly what I am willing to do to get to my goal. If I say yes and then someone that I said yes to is mean to me, I clarify my desire by stating what it is that I am willing to say yes to. 

It is okay for me to have ease in my life. If I say yes and things are hard then I need to look further. Am I missing an opportunity or challenge that will strengthen me.

Let me say this again, when something is hard it means we have not been trained to develop the necessary muscle to increase the good in our life. Challenge means that I have the tools to do what I need to do and now I need to apply them in such a way that brings the greatest results. Challenges and good in our lives and allow us to think outside of the box.

Our lower mind is that mind that thinks in the lack of things. There's not enough food, there's not enough room for the people on the planet, there's not going to be enough water for everyone, etc., etc. However, these are simply statements that are made from the part of our mind that is divided. It doesn't realize the truth about Source/God/ Spirit. 

The lower mind is competitive, where the higher mind is creative.

The lower mind thinks restrictive, the higher mind boundless.

The lower mind thinks in limitation, the higher mind infinite.

We all have a choice! No one is telling you how to think, but your freedom is found in your mind.

How our Thoughts Create Stress

August 28, 2017

Each day we are given the opportunity to either experience gratitude or regret.

When we look at regret and stress it can appear in this way; let's say you are running late for work and thinking about all the things you've got to get done today, but you are hit by every red light you come to.  Once stopped by the red light you become agree and start yelling and wondering why the hell you're hitting all the red light. The root to the stress is not the red light, but rather the thoughts you are having that are actually causing the red lights.

Yep, you heard me. Your cause is creating an effect. In this case the cause isn't even all the stuff you need to do, these are still just effects.  The bigger cause is the thought of regret that you didn't use your time well, or that you decided to take off 3 hours earlier one day rather than staying and doing your work.  

The cause is always thought.  Not the thoughts that we are having in the moment, those are secondary causes, which create more of an effect.

Take that same stop light while just hanging with your pals and having a good time. That same red light has no meaning to you.

If you really want to make a quantum leap in your life stop and change the direction of your thoughts.

To start changing the way you think join us for our Gratitude Meditation. To learn more click here.

Returning to Authentic Self

October 10, 2017

Is it that we are returning or remembering? 

Maybe through our remembering we return, or maybe it is more about us returning ourselves over to our authentic selves. But how can we achieve this is such a busy world these days. I mean we have social media, phones, blogs, and a whole list of other things that we find are important in our lives.

The way that we remember is by knowing our values. Once we know what we value we can better understand projections and use them in a way to communicate with the hidden parts of ourselves. Then we better understand our disappointments aren't really disappointments at all, but rather missed opportunities to see what contrast had in store for us. Once we use the contrast in our lives to reinforce our values then we can move into forgiveness. 

In forgiveness we have restoration, hope and faith of God rather than "in" God. This allows us to reinvent ourselves in ways never imagined before. Once we reinvent ourselves now we attract people in our lives that support this level of awareness and validate the truth of our beingness.

Forgiveness, however, is not the end! It is now time for Self Love. A self love like you've never experienced before. A love that you know all is ONE.

Currently we are providing a class on "Returning to the Authentic Self, if you would like to know more how to take this 4 week series in the comfort of your own home please email me at [email protected]

May you know that you are LOVE!

Forgiveness Helps Reduce Stress

November 14, 2017

We've all heard that stress is a killer, but what where does this stress begin?

The Mayo Clinic has done extensive research on how forgiveness is important in reducing stress and the effects on the body.

When we hold on to resentment, guilty, judgement, or anger towards others we are literally holding ourselves prisoner and only creating additional stress on our own bodies.

To learn more, please listen to my latest radio broadcast with KERT. Join me on the air each month.

Dr. Velvete provides a Forgiveness Module with the Quantum Biofeedback Device. To learn more about the QBFB please click here.

Holiday Festivities

December 13, 2017

During the holiday's it seems that food is the main focus, for many of us it brings back childhood memories.

However, there is a down side to all this eating that can put additional stress on internal organs. Once this stress starts the body can begin to move into what I call "Metabolic Acidosis".  In other words, the body begins to experience so much metabolic stress that it can't break down the foods we properly and we move into a more acid state. When we move into a more acid state our enzymes and proteins are just not used for energy any more, but rather survival.

Give a listen to learn more of the stress that is placed on the body via overeating.

Now....I love sharing food with friends and family. However, it is very rare that I eat to the point of feeling totally uncomfortable. It's more a pleasure to experience a little food and drink while sharing time together. Plus, when you laugh as much as I do, it's hard to eat and laugh at the same time.

May you enjoy your holiday's.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 23, 2017

We would like to take this special time to express our gratitude.

We appreciate you and having the ability to provide you with our services. May each of you enjoy the Holiday's with greater joy, peace, and happiness.

Being More Assertive Reduces Stress

January 5, 2018

When we think of assertive verses stubborn we need to realize that one is set and the other tends to be more flexible and has a greater ability to view all options.

When we are assertive we know our aim, we know what direction we are heading and that we realize there may be more than one way to arrive at our destination,; and that often others help us to get where we want to be quicker. When we are stubborn we are set in our ways and pretty much unwilling to see things from a different perspective or view. Not only does it take longer for the stubborn person to get where they want to be, they also make it not so much fun to be around.

Being assertive allows your voice to be heard, but many times people think that being assertive is like being a bully. NO! A bully tries to manipulate and dominate situations for their own greed or gain. Assertive people are not selfish, actually quite the opposite. 

Assertive people also tend to be extremely kind and generious. And you might not know it because of their assertive ways, but most assertive people have very tender hearts.  That's because they know right from wrong and because they have a high respect for themselves, they also respect others.

To learn more about the benefits of being assertive you can hear my most recent interview with John Mark Dempsey. Just click here.

Cells Salts

January 11, 2018

There are times when it seems like the therapies we are using are not addressing the issue, many times it’s because there is something much deeper taking place.

I know first-hand the pain of loose ligaments.

I started with Dr. Syferd in 1997, at which time I expected my business to build slowing, like they said it would in class. But NOOOOOO, it was game on once people found me and knew what I could do. So I came out of the massage room in tears crying in pain saying that I had chosen the wrong career and that I would not be able to do this. I was heartbroken. But a very sympathetic Dr. Syferd just looked at me and said, “Let me see your hands.” He took one look and feel and knew immediately that I was double jointed. He adjusted my fingers and my wrist and I have never had pain caused by work again.

Double jointed folks have looser ligaments than the normal person. I inherited this from my father’s side of the family. We all could have been Houdini at one time or another. There is no doubt that if someone put me in a straight-jacket my shoulders would simply allow me to slip right out. Not something I want to find out, but this gift doesn’t come without consequences.

The consequences of having loose ligaments is that our structures (bones) tend to become easily subluxed or dislocated. This is okay if you’re a kid that rolls your ankle all the time, not okay stretching those ligaments over and over again. After a while, the ligaments become lax and weak. And as we get older loose ligaments can create pain that feels like our joints are grinding all the time.

However, there is hope. 

 Cell salts!

What are cell salt?

“Cell Salts are a group of homeopathic remedies made from minerals.

2 words: Cell - meaning used on the cellular level and Salts - meaning

mineral or minerals salts.”

Cell salts satisfy mineral imbalances in the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. When your body lacks these important cell salts, you are more vulnerable to common health concerns. By replenishing them, your body is better prepared to treat illnesses and enjoy better overall wellness. As calcium fluoride gives tissues strength and flexibility, its cell salt Calc Fluor offers gentle structural support for diverse symptoms including hemorrhoids and head colds.

I absolutely love Calcium Fluoride, Calc Fluor or #1 in the Cells Salt Remedies. I love it because it helps my ligaments to become stronger and stay in place, I have less pain, and increased flexibility (the right way.) I have more control over my body rather than my body just being so loosey goosey.

Calc Fluor can aid in your holding and maintaining your adjustments and something to consider if you find it difficult to hold an adjustment, even after a massage. 

To learn more here is a helpful link listing its benefits There are 12 cell salts and all are listed on this page. So please visit it and let me know if you’d like to dive a little deeper into these small but powerful remedies.

Ladies, read the part about tightening up wrinkles!

Have a healthy, wealthy, and happy day!

Dr. Velvete

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Cells Salt #4 "Ferr Phos"

March 1, 2018

When we think Ferr Phos we are looking, or Ferrum Phosphoricum, we're looking at our 1st Aid Cell Salt. It's the cell sale for all acute diseases and it's great for the end state of disease, convalescent. A good first aid to sprained ankles with no swelling. Torn ligaments.

Inflammation is recognized with heat, redness, swelling, and pain. It helps with inflammation except for bone. When it comes to blood and this cell salt it is the biggest remedy in homeopathy for Anemia.

Emotional symptoms: Stimulation and overheating followed by dullness and listlessness. 

Physical symptoms:  First stages of fever, cough, or cold; inflammation; injuries; blood loss; nose bleeds; anemia.

Ferr. Phos. provides assistance with:

Cooling overheated or inflamed conditions

Fighting bleeding

Fighting inflamation

Strengthening the blood vessels

The formation of red blood cells

Transporting oxygen (in the blood)

Facial analysis

The presence of the following signs on the face may indicate a need for Ferr. Phos.


Reddened forehead, cheeks

Red, hot ears

Around the eyes

Blue black shade under the eyes

Around the nose

Blue black shade in the nasal root

Grey black colouring around the nose

Around the mouth

Red chin

Red tongue

Pale gums

In one of Robin Murphy's lectures he said, "Ferrum Phos is one of the best lung remedies and oxygen builders-every race hose that used it improved in performance and reduced damage to the lungs."

Exercise Intensity: How to measure it

June 3, 2018

My lasted show with John Mark at KETR was regarding exercise. How do you know when you're in the zone, and how do you know what zone you should be in?

The main concept I wanted people to understand is that exercise doesn't have to be hard, but that when we have certain goals we wish to achieve sometimes a little harder workout is necessary.

I have linked the article for your review to better understand the intensity levels when exercising and the benefits of each. And remember, if you are on medication please check with your primary care physician when it comes to heart rate values, some medications will lower BP which needs to be taken into consideration.

For the full article click here.

To listen to the broadcast click here.

Mind, Body and Soul

July 10, 2018

Usually when we think of health and wellness we think of our bodies. Many times we begin to think of health and wellness ONLY when something starts to become known first through our bodies, such as achy knees or a bulging belly.  

When physical issues become bothersome enough we usually will do something to cover it up, even though the warning signs were there long before they had time to manifest into actual dis-ease or illness.

Our need to cover things up is a habit that we learn early in life, and can begin the first moment are parents try to make us stop crying. 

Suppressing emotions leads to a whole host of imbalances and stress upon our physical bodies. We were born to express. We were born to express largely. We were born to be drama queens and then laugh about it. 

Emotions are not the enemy, but sometimes when we become emotional others don't know how to process them, and this begins the need to quiet us. Grown men don't cry is the worst thing we could ever teach our children.

If I had an angry 4-year come to my class, I would set them down at a table to rip up paper. I allowed them to be there as long as "they" needed to feel better. When they felt better they could join the group.  Doing this the moment I recognized them emotionally allowed them to experience a more joyful day thereafter.

Here are some healthy ways to release emotions. And remember, all emotions are good, they are always showing us where we are needing to receive more love in our lives, acceptance of ourselves, and acceptance of others.

  • Journaling
  • Painting with watercolors
  • Gardening
  • Listening to soft music and hugging a pillow
  • Yelling or screaming outside
  • Walking or jogging
  • Exercising
  • Sitting quietly and allowing yourself to cry or express the emotion that needs to be expressed while in a safe place to do so.

Doing the above exercises will and can change depending on the emotion being expressed or release and/or the intensity the emotion is being demonstrated. 

For those that are experiencing deep depression remember to always seek guidance and assistance when dealing with feelings and well-being.

Summer Heat Can be Exhausting

July 27, 2018

We love it when summer arrives, a time to get out in the sun and enjoy the beaches, mountains, and just hanging out by the pool.  However, everything requires balance.

When we are in extreme weather conditions it's a time to use common sense and caution. Whether the weather is cold or hot, our bodies need time to adjust, acclimate, and be provided the necessary nutrients and/or physical cover.

Here are some tips to help to ensure safety while playing in the summer time heat.

  • Wear light colored clothing
  • Shade yourself when possible
  • When hiking in the direct sun/heat be sure to take regular breaks, include water
  • Workout in the cooler hours of the day, early morning or later evenings
  • When swimming be sure to hydrate
  • Eat fresh fruit, they provide greater hydration
  • Avoid over exerting yourself, take it easy

When it comes to heat exhaustion or heat stroke the thing to remember is sweat. If you are still sweating that's a good sign, but when you are no longer sweating it's time to rethink and readjust to recover yourself quickly. Remember,  hotter temps and wind dry off the skin and can lead to heat stroke.

Enjoy your summer and enjoy all that it brings with it; cookouts, picnics, swimming, and night time star gazing.

And let's remember our pets as well. Keep them safe and never leave them in a hot car.

Every Season is Allergy Season in North Texas

Sept. 4, 2018

Allergies is our natural biofeedback system letting us know that are body is "reacting to something it perceives as foreign. This reaction occurs when we are more sensitive to certain substances, making us more likely to experience sneezing, coughing, itchy or watery eyes. However, allergy reactions can become more severe and could require medical attention.

Reasons we need to better understand our allergies are:

  1. To avoid the allergen as much as possible 
  2. To be better prepared in case of a medical situation
  3. How to better lessen or prevent allergies during peak seasons
  4. To help prevent sinus and/or respiratory infections by treating the symptoms early and not taking them for granted.

Knowing a few things about how you react to certain foods and/or airborne items can mean living a fuller and happier life:

  1.  Keep a food journal to better understand what foods are triggering reactions.
  2. Avoid "known" allergies. This means if you know you are allergic to cats you might not want to expose yourself to cats on a regular basis.
  3. Be sure folks know your medical conditions. Wearing an ID bracelet of what you're allergic can be very helpful to your medical team should something happen.
During this interview I mentioned the "Neti Pot", nothing like being asked how to spell something on air, my third grade brain kicks in and all information fly's out the window. LOL, You've got to laugh at yourself sometimes.

I found this article to better explain the neti pot and its use:

 What is a neti pot? And why would you use one?

Answer From James T C Li, M.D., Ph.D.


Neti potNeti pot

A neti pot is a container designed to rinse debris or mucus from your nasal cavity. You might use a neti pot to treat symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds.

If you choose to make your own saltwater solution, it's important to use bottled water that has been distilled or sterilized. Tap water is acceptable if it's been passed through a filter with a pore size of 1 micron or smaller or if it's been boiled for several minutes and then left to cool until it's lukewarm.

To use the neti pot, tilt your head sideways over the sink and place the spout of the neti pot in the upper nostril. Breathing through your open mouth, gently pour the saltwater solution into your upper nostril so that the liquid drains through the lower nostril. Repeat on the other side.

Be sure to rinse the irrigation device after each use with similarly distilled, sterile, previously boiled and cooled, or filtered water and leave open to air-dry.

Neti pots are often available in pharmacies, health food stores and online. Other devices, such as squeeze bottles and pressurized canisters, also can be used to rinse or irrigate the nasal passages. Talk to your doctor to see if nasal rinsing is right for you.

There are a lot of natural remedies, as well as homeopathic remedies that can aid in relief, and many can help to stimulate and strengthen the immune system which will help to reduce sensitivities as well. When it comes to natural remedies, start out slow and increase your knowledge of what works for you. When allergy season kicks into high gear I make sure I have a bottle of "Goats Milk Kefir" in the fridge. This helps to keep my digestive system strong as well as help to reduce mucus build up. If you'd like to know more about Cell Salts you can read some of my articles below that can be beneficial when it comes to symptoms of allergies.

When it comes to Quantum Biofeedback, we have had a number of people balance their energy along with other remedies to help provide relief and restore balance.

To learn more about allergies click the image to the left to listen in.

Have a great and hopefully allergy free season.

What is Quantum iNfinity?

Oct. 20, 2018

Quantum iNfinity allows us to better understand the imbalances and stress in our lives that are limiting our potential and possibilities.  Click here to enjoy a video of how the quantum works.

Setting Intentions

Nov. 13, 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then Christmas will soon be here in a blink of an eye.  This means that 2019 is quickly approaching and will be ringing in a brand new year.  For many,  January is when goals and new resolutions are entertained. But for me, NOW is the time to reflect on the past year, and admire the new year approaching.

Each year in November, I take time to reflect on what's important to me and how I can make a bigger impact on the world around me.  I love being in service, this means I love that I have the ability to share my gifts with ease and joy. I have my hands, my legs,  my sight and my hearing, and I appreciate the flow in my life to share my life without restrictions or handicaps. However, there are other handicaps and restrictions that can occur in everyone's life, their thoughts!

When I take time to reflect on the coming year, I think of how I can make the greatest investment, not only in myself, but the world around me. This means that my intentions must be clear when setting my goals. Such as, if I set a goal to increase my practice size, then I must set a clear intention that supports this goal. Such as, if I want to increase the size of my practice then I need to make sure I have the space to support more clients. My intention is my sight, "Bigger Space" to support my goal of having more clients. Here's what my intention would now look like:

My intention is to find the most affordable and spacious office to support my growing practice.

Be mindful that when you set a goal to make it a reasonable so that you don't set yourself up for failure. This will only discourage you and make you feel that you can't accomplish your goals, which makes you feel that you don't deserve what you want, etc., etc. 

Set reasonable goals, and empowering intentions.

With each breath within my body, may 2019 be a year full of profound peace, health, wealth, and happiness for each and everyone of you.

Get your Intention Motivator today. 

Cell Salt #3 Calc Sulph (Calcium Sulphate)

We are continuing our journey through the 12 cells salts with Calc Sulph today. This one is actually a mixture of  Calc Carb and Sulphur. the calcium is earth and Sulphur fire- hence Earth and Fire.

When looking at this particular cell salt, which we will call #3 the remaining, we will see just how important this little #3 is in re-balancing many systems, especially the skin. #3 is known for it's ability to help with skin diseases especially with pus, abscess, boils, carbuncles or furnucle and it helps the body with re-absorption of deeper boils. 

#3 is the 2nd remedy for acne, Kali Brom being #1 remedy for acne.  But there are other cell salts that can be beneficial too, it really depends on the condition beneath the skin. And, #3 is wonderful for cradle cap, even though you can now purchase a homeopathic that is specifically titled "cradle cap".

When we think about cell salts we need to understand their power in "STIMULATING HEALING". They encourage the body to do what it does best, thriveCalc. Sulph. is also known as a strong alternative, or blood purifier, with a potent detoxifying effect on the liver. This salt, therefore, is excellent in preventing general ill health and infections of all types and one of the reasons I love using along side a detoxification program. 

The following are the areas #3 helps to promote and stimulate healing:

a. sores that heal poorly, herpes blisters

b. pain in forehead, vertigo, pimples on the face

c. psoriasis, esp. for those that are stocky and overweight

d. yellow thick pus

e. cracked hands

f. cracked feet in the winter

g. vaginitis

h. fungal infections

i. mucous discharges

j. eyes- conjunctivities

k. ears- abscess or boils in the ears.

l. diarrhea when the stools smell like rotten eggs.

Here is a short reference list that can be printed out for your enjoyment. 

Flu Season

Keep your immune system high during flu season!

Flu precautions

Stress can weaken the immune system even in the healthiest person. This can occur from poor diet, lack of nutritional needs, lack of proper minerals and vitamins, as well as, stress from job, environments, and mental causes.

Bring balance, peace, harmony and increase your immune system with the following:

1. Be sure to get plenty of rest. Turn off the TV 30 minutes prior to bedtime and listen to soft music to help cool down the brain and prepare it for rest.

2. Pay attention to what you are thinking. How many times have you been sitting somewhere and found yourself clinching your teeth for no apparent reason? Experiencing stressful thoughts without being mindful of it causes the same response in the body.

3. Cleanse! A nice gentle colon cleanse can be done 1-2 times per year. Parasite cleanses should be done quarterly. Liver cleanses every six months to one year.

4. Colloidal Silver is a natural anti-viral, anti-biotic that has been used since the pharaohs.

5. Olive Leaf Extract is excellent for the immune system.

6. Vitamin D has been linked to so many deficiencies and is now being recommended by most physicians from 400-2000 IU’s per day.

7. Beta Carotene is one of my favorites when it comes to getting things cleared out of me. It’s a staple I keep in my cabinet for when I feel like I’m coming down with something. Taking mega doses the first sign of onset for three days and then giving my body a break for three days. Usually this has taken care of it and I don’t have to repeat another round of three days.

8. Water is so important to keep our toxins flushed and hydrate the muscles, brain, and skin. Filtered water is best to avoid chlorine that is in city water.

9. Fresh fruits and veggies grown locally. This can be very difficult in our fast pace world but can be done. Eating produce grown in your region helps to reduce allergies and other imbalances.

10. Bathing daily while ending the shower or bath in a cool rinse. This increases the immune system and helps to reduce inflammation.


Health is a responsibility, wealth is an understanding and life is wisdom (applied knowledge).

This post and its suggestions should not be construed as medical advice; all medical questions should be directed to your physician.

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