Emotional Freedom Technique

Each day we are affirming what we believe, whether good or bad each belief leaves an impression upon our lives.  EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique helps to reframe a negative belief into a positive one, allowing for a positive demonstration to manifest in our lives. 

Throughout our lives we have collected beliefs from others, as well as make a few of our own. If these beliefs are not realized through "real eyes", they can have a negative impact on our reality and our potential to live a more fuller and abundant life. 

Freedom is found in each and every moment, in the now. When we find freedom we are in a place of peace, joy and happiness.  Anytime that our thoughts are dwelling on our past or future we are avoiding the NOW.  It is in our present reality where we become conscious that spirit is in direct communion with us.  Running from this communion happens within our minds by re-visiting a past or creating a future that doesn't exist.

A one hour session with an EFT practitioner can assist and support you as you begin to see things differently. Call today to schedule an appointment. 

Believe something better!!

"An affirmation is a declaration of your belief that something is true. It is not about just saying words; it is about knowing with your mind and believing in your heart what you are saying . In essence, you are feeling this belief with every aspect of your being."

Mimi Guarneri, MD

Living outside of NOW

"It is in our own thoughts that we create realities that have never existed, yet have a profound effect on our reality." Velvete Womack, PhD