Intuitive Insights Program

Intuitive Insights takes the Higher Mind, Lower Mind process to a whole new level of liberation, clarity, understanding, and wisdom.  When your mind is clear you're open to more awareness, better yet, you are in an intimate relationship your subconscious mind. 

Hello, my name is Dr. Velvete. I am the author of Higher Mind, Lower Mind and the developer of a beautiful process that allows you to transform the wiring in your brain to receive more of what you do want, instead of what you don't want.

There is one thing that holds all of us back from receiving our good and block the good thoughts about ourselves that allow us to feel deserving. That one thing, MISTAKES!

My process starts you on a beautiful journey of clearing up any residual energy around the mistakes in your life by teaching you the components of a mistake and applying them to the process that liberates you. You won't find the mistake process in the book, but you will find a process that will start you seeing your life differently. To learn the complete process sign up for the Intuitive Insights Program and liberate your life today.

The subconscious mind is responsible for the HOW things are made manifest, our job is to make sure we are giving her the "right" information. What is the "right" information? How is it that you think you're telling yourself all the right things, but still feel stuck or blocked in certain areas in your life?

Your subconscious has been receiving input even before your birth, so you may not know what you know. Nor may you know what you believe because maybe it's not your belief at all. With a very powerful, yet simple technique I will show you how to clear yourself in order to better help your clients and yourself to have a life of great peace, joy, happiness and abundance.

With Intuitive Insights you learn how to quickly get the results you want. 

You learn how to listen beyond the physical ear and listen with the inner ear. 

You will learn how to stay within your own energy as you help others to shift theirs.

You will learn how to stay within your own body as you explore the energy around your body.

You will learn how to recognize a thought bubble and memory to assist your client to release the memory or trauma with less pain and suffering.

What if you could have a process that allowed you to laugh and have greater insight?

Come in union with your conscious and subconscious mind to REALIZE "real eyes" the life you want to see.

Our next class is April 4th- 7th.  

Thursday, April 4th class begins at 7PM. 

Friday, 9am-noon; 1-5pm

Saturday, 10am-12:30; 1:30-5pm

Sunday, 10am-2pm

All that have taken the class in the past are allowed to take any Intuitive Insight class as a refresher and to deepen their practice for just $100.

$1299. click the image above for details.