Balanced Ne​wtrition 

A new way to nourish the mind, body, and soul!

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Level One: Beginners Circle

This is a 6-month membership includes:

  • Access to 7- instructional videos
  • Access to 1 bonus video
  • Acceptance 1 LIVE Beginners Class during membership.
  • Monthly e-mail practice
  • After 3-months can join the monthly IC Call



Level Two: Inner Circle

This 1-year membership includes:

  • 1 Monthly IC call held live for participants to learn from each other and ask questions
  • 1 Monthly IC webinar training 
  • Access to extra video's, webinars, modules, and panels
  • IC access to dropbox panels



Level 3: Advance Circle

This 1-year membership includes:

  • All the IC calls
  • All IC webinar training's
  • Access to all pre-recordings 
  • Advance Dropbox Panels
  • 1 FREE Master Class/year
  • Free Business Class/year