Full Moon Webinar with Misti

Join us each month as Misti takes on a mystical, yet powerful journey through the moons. Each moon is different, so please be sure to register for all 12.  Not only do you get a module, but Misti will also share with you her powerful panels.

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Mindful Monday with Dr. Velvete

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The Body

In January, we are going to be focusing on the body and using the device to increase balance and harmony.

We are excited to bring you such balance this year!

As always, Quantum Biofeedback Insights Mindful Monday is always about helping you to better understand what is available on your device. Sometimes what might seem very elementary turns out to be extremely valuable.

So please be sure to register for the live events to enjoy the benefits of community.

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Misti's Full Moon Offering this Month

Please connect with Misti at [email protected]

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Mindful Monday Recording

Mindful Monday, January 21st

Join myself and "Tank the Nurse" as we explore the benefits of using essential oils to "REBUILD THE BODY" in junction with QBFB.

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