Jacob's Ladder 

Master Program: The Spine

In this recorded class, you'll learn how to dive deeper into the emotional root of any issue.

Also learn how to spine supports your physical manifestations and discover the dream.

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Stairway to Heaven

Master Program: Chakra's and Tones

This e-course provides a beautiful process that allows the participants to realize their dream.

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This class includes panels, so please be sure you understand how to create module's, panels, and cocktails before taking this class.

Creating Modules, Panels, and Cocktails

Take your understanding to a whole new level of awareness and application. This class is designed to help you jump start your success right out of the gate.  I will be providing you detailed information in how to create module's; which are so extremely important in how to execute a specific formula for greater success. Learn how to create panels that provide you with greater insight and understanding to current imbalance or stress in yourself or your clients. And cocktails, let's just say they are my favorite subject. There is nothing more delicious than a wonderful energetic cocktail.

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Timers, the Reason Behind the Numbers

This was an amazing class in how to use the importance in numbers to set our timers.

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