New Regulation and Guidelines

The following procedures will take place for Balanced Newtrition to ensure the safety of our staff and other clients.

We will not be able to provided services for clients that:

1. have a cough, cold, fever, running nose, or congestion within the last 15-days or current

2. have traveled outside of the country within 15 days of their appointment

3. has worked at a nursing facility, whether it be a hospital, private, or nursing home situation within the last 15-days prior to their appointment where a positive CV-19 has occurred.

We are hopeful clients will be honest with us as we move forward to eliminate the spread of not just the CV-19, but other viruses as well.

Additional Procedural Changes:

1. All sessions will need to be paid in advance online prior to appointments. We will no longer take live payments in the office.

2. Tips may be done via our square portal, which is absolutely safe. You'll be able to tip for pre-paid sessions via the donation portal. Please do not leave money on the table, chairs, or counters to aid in our new clean-up procedures.

3. Please do NOT arrive more than 5-minute prior to scheduled appointment time. This will allow for social distancing as we avoid congestion in the waiting are.

4. We are asking that all clients be freshly cleaned prior to their appointment. This means a shower with fresh clothing to eliminate the potential of transference.

Absolutely NO hugging, hand shaking, or sharing of food or beverages. Bottles of water will be made available for clients, which will have been wiped down and ready for individual taking.

Staff Changes:

The state will be reviewing how therapists are to proceed in whether mask and gloves will be required, but at this time the following will take place at BN.

1. Cloth chairs will be removed and replaced with a chair that can be sanitized easily.

2. All clothing and shoes will need to be placed in provided basket. Therapists will not be allowed to touch your clothing or shoes. If you fail to place your items in the basket, you will be asked to do so prior to starting the massage.

3. There will be 30-minutes between each client to allow for extra sanitation of all equipment, including door handles, light switches, all furniture and floor space.

4. Baggies will be made available for clients to pick up and take to the bathrooms with them for added comfort and cleanliness. Baggies will have sanitation wipes that clients can wipe town toilet seats and all handles with as they come and go. Each baggie will be made for individual use, so please throw away before returning to the room.

5. All therapists will follow the same protocols as the clients regarding sickness, illness, travel, and visiting nursing facilities. When it comes to sickness, this will also include any member of our family that is ill as well. Which means if we are exposed to a spouse or child that has fever, vomiting, or chills we will secure ourselves from hands on therapy.

6. Regarding other items, we already practice strict guidelines when it comes to our laundry, stones, and other equipment that is used throughout the day. However, face cradles will now be cleaned with a thieves solution to ensure proper disinfecting and to prevent harsh chemical break down of our equipment.

7. Therapist already practice excellent hygiene between clients, but will implement any extra steps the state requires of us to ensure we are able to provide safety first to our clients and ourselves.