Full Moon Webinar with Misti

Join us each month as Misti takes on a mystical, yet powerful journey through the moons. Each moon is different, so please be sure to register for all 12.  Not only do you get a module, but Misti will also share with you her powerful panels.

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Dr. Velvete's Library Offerings

Many of you know the laboring hours spent in creating files. Below are a list of my favorite offerings and use on a regular basis. 

Please use their support in a multitude of ways by using them together.

When importing these panels, please create a special client file for them; such as Dr. Velvetes Panels.

This way, when you import them, you will be able to see them and not have to search for them through other panels that might have a similar name; such as "Crystals". 

Please watch the tutorial video before importing your panels to ensure you import them correctly.

The titles for these groupings are strictly for the purpose of focus, not in categorizing or naming your panels. Please do not ask me what is in panel.

 Women's Health Panels focuses on the divine feminine aspect and includes ingredients (items) that help to support and balance women's health. 

As stated, this includes 5 separate panels that focus on women's health and wellness.


Women's Health Panels

5-Panels that focuses on the wellness of the feminine aspect of life 


Male Health Panels

5-panels that focus on the wellness of the male aspect of life.


Wealth Panels

16 panels to aid your vibration to align with abundance.


The Yellow Brick Road

Includes YLO, Crystals, Chakras, House Balance, tDCS


Buy all 4 of Dr. Velvete's Collections

All of the above collections in one easy export!


Life Insights App

Take a quantum leap with Life Insights Quantum Biofeedback to discover  the potential and possibilities awaiting you in the quantum field.  All things start in this field, using the Life Insights clients are able to experience a shift in awareness, thus a shift in consciousness, which allows for a greater shift in reality; the body always follows the mind. Unleash your mind and realize your greatest potential today!

Using the Life Insights you can scan, balance, and make a shift that may allow greater ease and comfort in a variety of areas in your life. Whether financial, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, the Life Insights can give you a glimpse into greater health, wealth and happiness. The choice is yours!

Purchase today and receive Dr. Velvete’s Beginners Certification Course. 

Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap?


Quantum Biofeedback Journal

Just as we have witnessed the changes in our lives when we use QBFB (Quantum Biofeedback), we have also witnessed what happens when we get sidetracked in our lives and stop using the device. It’s not that we’re to become dependent on the device and not take control over our own lives; but rather make it a daily practice in using the device allows us to see much more deeply how we’ve allowed what we don’t want in our lives to slip into our consciousness.

This journal has my Higher Mind, Lower Mind Process that allows you to discover what you do want, along with an easy monthly module to help move  blocks and resistances that are holding you back in having what you want.

Sent to you via email and printed from your own device. The calendar is blank, so you can use this Journal for years to come.

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Feng Shui Your Mind

As a practicing Metaphysician for over 22 years, I've come to know a thing or two about the subconscious mind and how she communicates.  Every year  I provide this inspirational and transformational class for anyone that is ready to improve their situation in life. Even if your life is good, it can always be better.

I take Feng Shui principles and combine it with the power of numbers to bring life to your vision by creating a powerful vision board that the subconscious mind cannot ignore. Did you know that your subconscious mind is recording everything around you, even the things you're not conscious of? This unconscious stuff can create unknown blocks and unwanted effects, but with the help of focus and aim we imprint upon the subconscious mind what we do want.

Students request this class each and every year to set their goals and intentions on fire.  The profound shifts have allow them to experience the richness and fullness of their lives. Students have started new careers, new relationships, increased their income, increase their energy, lost weight, and some simply trusted themselves more which allowed greater ease in their lives.

Are you ready to make 2019 the best year yet? 

Then sign up today!

When: January 25th-26th

Where: Online

Time: 2-5pm each day


Higher Mind, Lower Mind 

Discovering the Power of Spirit

This is a divinely guided book that allowed us to see more how our thinking and the way we talk to ourselves impacted our lives. This book is used in my Intuitive Insights Program and is just a nibble of the information you'll receive helping yourself and others to greater wisdom and truth.

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