In the event of snow!

In the event of snow, we follow the Rockwall and/or Commerce School District. Because I live in Commerce, I can have a little more trying weather than Rockwall. So, this means if Commerce schools are closed it means the streets are not in good condition for me to travel.

Now, I have been doing this for years and I understand that when your business is closed that a "me" day sounds delicious. But please keep in mind, if businesses are closed it's for your own safety and theirs. I'm not ridiculous about this and I do love being at work, but I have to be smart as well. And no massage will undo the stress of gripping the wheel trying to get back home for anyone.

If you have an appointment on a day that it snows I will notify you ASAP to get your rescheduled, if I am going to be closed.

If I am not able to get you via text or phone, I will delete your cancel your appointment so you'll see that be notified there has been a change.

I will send out a mass email to inform clients of the closure and any updates needed at the time.

Thank you all for your understanding.

January Snow

Each day that it snows in the month of January you'll get to enjoy picking up some massage sessions.

Just $49 for non members, and $45 for members.

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