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Mindful Monday's

Mindful Monday' help folks using their quantum biofeedback devices from a Metaphysical perspective to better understand the "cause" of a persons condition.  Cause always originates as an idea, thought, or belief; and then when fueled with emotion brings the idea to life. The movie Frankenstein might just be giving us some wonderful clues in how we bring ideas to life. So please join me by clicking the image to register and spread your wings and fly.

Join a Circle

Each circle is designed to allow you to feel more comfortable and confident each step of the way.

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Level One QBFB


December  8 @ 1PM; CST please click here. to register.

You will receive the following instruction:

What is QBFB

What QBFB can  and CANNOT do

How does the QBFB affect our vibration and frequency

How to create a group

How to back-up and restore your data

How to navigate the system with ease

Understanding pages, how to navigate through them

How to work the Balance and Multi-layer box and why I call it a "cocktail".

How to set timers and to what time


Workbook with samples and how-to's

This is all going to be hands on!!!!!

All for just $99!

To purchase just click "Beginners Class" link below.

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Beginners Class

Become an Inner Circle Member Today!

The Inner Circle is an elite group of people that are serious about what they do and are thirsty for knowledge, understanding, and application. The Inner Circle have proven to be dedicated and take the work they do seriously. And because my time, talent, and wisdom are valuable,  I make myself available to those willing, ready, and able to assist in the convergence of souls and aid in the ascension of our planet  one client at a time, starting with themselves.

The Inner Circle has access to special modules, panels, video's, webinars,  monthly calls and free expanded business webinars that assist in their growth and prosperity. 

So if you are ready to blow your mind and rock your world, join us by clicking the button below. When the page opens click the drop down button and select "Inner Circle Practitioner Membership". You do NOT need to be a practitioner to join, simply practicing on the device is all that is required.

Inner Circle

Master Programs

Are you ready to take your learning to the next level?

You must have completed the Beginners Training and Currently in the IC to take these classes.

Please join me for my brand new series of Master Programs. These programs are designed to give you the insight from my brain to yours, well- almost! You'll have to do a little work, we're not talking osmosis here, but almost!


  1. Classes are live Tuesday's at 2PM; CST. 
  2. Recordings will be emailed within 24-hours after live event
  3. All classroom material and links are provided via email Monday evening. Please be sure to print or have electronic copy available when attending live event.
  4. Each Class is $50/class, or purchase all 
  5. All classes are 2-hours in length

Each Program includes:

  • An Instructional Booklet
  • Definition and Terms Specifically for the page we are exploring
  • Metaphysical Concepts and Applications
  • Modules, Panels, and/or Cocktails
  • What are Supportive Pages
  • How to Integrate Supportive Pages into Your Sessions

Spinal Program

November 6th

Did you know there is so much more to the spine than just running it for imbalances? 

Did you know that each area of the spine relates to a metaphysical and organ system in the body?

We will explore the depths of the spine and how to bring greater balance to our clients and ourselves.

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Chakra's & Tones

November 13th

Some might think that the chakra system is only for those ready for a spiritual shift, but the chakra's help us to advance health and wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally as well.

We will explore how to identify which chakra can support a particular physical, mental, or emotional issue with our clients.

Talk about powerful!

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How & Why Cocktails

November 20th

I know you hear me talk about cocktails all the time, there's importance ind combinations.

I'll show you how to locate the right ingredient, as well as how to create your own ingredients to add strength to your sessions.

I'll also show you how to create a cocktail for you as you're working with clients that tend to carry dense energies. 

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December 4th

This will be an intensive class on foundation and application.  Once you have completed this class you will have all the necessary tools and information to walk through this page with ease.

You will also learn how valuable this page really is in how to best utilize the support and execute greater support.  

Empower your clients!

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Timers, Important #'s

December 18th

There's a reason behind everything, including numbers.

We will explore this reality with greater understanding , which will empower you to help pull in the desired result for your clients.

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Into The Looking Glass

January 8th

Have you ever looked at the device and thought, "What the heck is this thing trying to tell me?"

Well you don't have to be psychic to understand. Come explore!

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How Dr. Velvete Sees It

January 15th

There is more than just following instructions. Let me show you what I see and how I see it.

Come explore my mind with me and become the best damn coach possible.

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Mastering Self

January 22nd

Dive deeper into the importance of self-care and how to use the device to facilitate greater peace.

It is within peace that we provide space for our clients to release what no longer serves them.

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